St Marys Nursery School

Our Nursery

The nursery is made up of the Sunshine Room, the Rainbow Room and an outside area. The children are encouraged to move freely between the Sunshine Room and the Rainbow Room and to use all of the available resources. Free play and Adult led activities are on offer in these areas.

Sunshine Room

The Sunshine Room is set up to allow each child the opportunity to engage in a broad range of Expressive and Aesthetic experiences. A wide variety of resources are provided to stimulate and support their creativity.

Resources include
Sand, Water, Painting, Collage, Playdough making and use, Clay, Baking, Musical Instruments

Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room is divided into 3 areas

Physical Play where each child has the opportunity to become confident when using large apparatus e.g. climbing frame. Balancing equipment and obstacle courses created by the staff provide challenges to extend the learning and development of each child. Personal, Social and Emotional Skills are developed as children learn to share and use resources with their peers.

Communication & Language

Home Corner allows the child to develop relationships through role play. It encourages confidence and communication between children and staff.
Story Corner where children are encouraged to enjoy books both fiction and non fiction. Big books, puppets, story tapes are a few of the resources used to encourage listening and speaking skills.
Emergent Writing table provides a wide range of writing and drawing resources which enables each child to develop a positive attitude when using them.

Knowledge & Understanding of the World

A wide range of resources is provided to encourage and stimulate each child’s interest in the world around them.

ICT Computers, Talking globe, Investigation Environment

Maths resources provide opportunities for:

Identifying numbers and counting through puzzles and games
Shape and space through the use of construction equipment
Concepts of weight, length and capacity through practical experiences
Problem solving

Outside Area

All areas of the curriculum are covered in our outside area.