St Marys Nursery School

The Curriculum for Excellence

The child is at the centre of ourlearning provision. The purpose of the curriculum is to enable the child to develop the 'four capacities'. The headings of the four capacities serve well as a memorable statement of purpose for the curriculum, but the indicative descriptions underneath the headings are probably even more important in terms of understanding the attributes and capabilities which contribute to the capacities. 

The starting point for learning is a positive ethos and climate of respect and trust based upon shared values across the nursery, including parents. All members of staff contribute through open, positive, supportive relationships where children feel that they are listened to; promoting a climate in which children feel safe and secure; modelling behaviour which promotes effective learning and wellbeing within the nursery; and by being sensitive and responsive to each child's wellbeing. Children are encouraged to contribute to the life and work of the nursery and exercise their responsibilities as members of the community. This includes opportunities to participate responsibly in decision-making, to contribute as leaders and role models, offer support and service to others and play an active part in putting the values of the nursery community into practice.

Members of staff of St Mary's Nursery ensure that  activities are enjoyable and relevant to the needs and interests of each individual child. The child’s involvement in both adult led and free play activities is monitored and evaluated on a daily basis to determine the level of interest and progress in learning. Staff are then able to identify the next steps to ensure progression in each individual child’s development.

The outcomes cover a very wide range of skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work; these include literacy, numeracy and skills relating to health and wellbeing and go beyond these to include opportunities for the development of skills relating to the use of information and communications technologies, high-order cognitive skills, interpersonal skills, practical and performance skills.